This story begins on an evening. Or maybe on a morning.

He is right here, in front of you. His eyes staring into yours.
He doesn't speak. He doesn't move.
Neither to attack. Nor to open the way.

He stays right here. Motionless, waiting for you to do something.
He isn't in a hurry. He has a few eternities for him.

So you are trapped inside, without possible exit.
Your only solution: to find what this ghost is asking from you.

All around the place, scattered in the media-library Jim-Dandurand, hints are waiting to be found.
Pieces of paper... books left open... and other strange spectral constructs.
But to obtain them, you will have to explore every corner...
Complete trials... Follow the rules...
...and finally, to understand who really is this ghost.

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Creative Commons 3.0