Frequently Asked Questions

What's a FAQ?
It's a Frequently Asked Questions, where are listed usual questions about the subject and their answers.
If you are wondering about a game's topic, you should consult this section first.
Click on a question to read its associated answer.

I'm stuck somewhere in the game!
Click on the menu Walkthrough.
As the name suggests, you will find inside a detailled walkthrough about the game, from start to finish, room by room.

Can't we play it offline?
Yes, you can.
This is even advised for older computers.
An executable with build-in installer is available for free here:
   Windows version (65 MB)
   Linux version (60 MB)
   Android version (4.2 - 1 GB RAM) (55 MB)

Is there any other ingame language?
At the moment, only french and english translations are available.
Other languages could be added ingame. But we need translators first...

I hear no sound!
The music cannot be played with certain browsers.
We advise you to use Mozilla Firefox, to enjoy an optimized game experience.
You can also download the executable version, to use the full capabilities of your hardware.

Texts are out of the screen!
Some browsers ignore additionnal fonts.
If your ingame texts are too big, play the game again with Mozilla Firefox.
Youcan also download the executable version, which include all the necessary fonts.

The game crashes after a certain time of play!
Some low-cost graphic cards, namely Intel HD series, seem to generate a memory leak.
This memory leak forces DIX to use more and more RAM, until fill it totally. Windows then forces a crash of the game, to protect the other processes of the computer.
This issue being specific to a graphic card's model, there is nothing we can do on our side, except waiting for a possible update from the manufacturer. If you encounter this problem, laucnh again the game, and use the gamesave to continue your play where it crashed.

Why is the game so slow on old computers?
Within an internet browser, DIX makes use of the computer's processor to manipulate all the game.
It cannot tap into the graphic card's full power, only its base functions.
We advise to play on a double-core processor, or download an executable version.
The latter is able to make full use of the graphic card's power, relieving the main processor of heavier calculations.

Why does the game run better on Firefox?
Internet is worldwide. It works with numberous standards to remain compliant with various machines, in different languages.
So there are lots of rules that browsers must follow, like media managing.
It means some browsers accept what others refuse, mostly because of programming copyrights.
In the present case, online version of DIX is made in HTML5, a modern Internet programming language, successor of HTML4, still widely used.
This language enforces certain rules for worldwide compatibility, like sound file extension and fonts. But those constraints are partly ignored by some browsers, like Internet Explorer.
Those issues being linked to the browser itself, they can only be resolved by the browser's editor.
Firefox being free, largely available and open-source, DIX has been developed on its basis, until all other browsers follow the same rules.

How has this game been made?
DIX has been made with opensource free softwares:
- Game Develop for the game engine
- Gimp for the visuals
- for specific fonts
- for the sound effects
- InstallCreator for the Windows Installer
The only exception is the background musics, made withMagix Music Maker, a song maker software for general audience.

What are the end-user rights?
DIX is under Creative Commons 3.0 BY NC ND SA.
Those signs mean the game must be redistribued under the same conditions (non-commercial, credit the original author).
For instance, sell the game on a CDrom is forbidden. But distribuing this CDrom for free is authorized and supported, as long as we are credited as the original creators.

How to contact the game's creators?
About general questions:
la Médiathèque Jim-Dandurand -

About official demands:
service Communication de la Ville de Fontenay-le-Comte -

About technical questions (bug report, upgrades, programming):

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