This section explains in length how to complete the game.
Read the following when you're stuck in teh game without knowing what to do.

Game Main Objectives
You must put at ease the spirit preventing you to get out of the medialibrary.
To do so, ten pieces from an old poem are dispatched amongst the floors.
Each piece will be obtain after the completion of a minigame about the medialibrary's rules.
Therea are also several clues, hidden in the shelves, to help you guess the good solution.
Some of them are put in your inventory when you discover them.
The big blue flame in the bottom-left of the screen highlights a room hiding something still waiting to be done.

The following sections answer more precisely where to find the pieces and how to get them.

First Piece
Level: 0
Place: Events room
A line of empty paintings are waiting for their respective portraits. Click on the pile of portraits to begin the minigame. Then click on the empty painting matching the short text to the portrait. After the seven portraits in their right place, click on the second from the right to obtain the piece of poem.

Second Piece
Level: 0
Place: Reception
The medialibrary offers to its subscribers to borrow up to ten documents, from nearly any type, except softwares and newspapers. A poster near the desk reminds you of this principle. Click on the pile of documents to begin the minigame. Three documents appears from the bottom of the screen. Click on those which can be borrowed, until you have ten of them on the desk. Click on the user card to validate your choice. If there is no more borrowable document at the bottom of the screen, click on one of them to add it on the desk. Click on it again to erase it from the desk.

The Pen
Level: 0
Place: Newspapers room
You will need a pen to complete the final sequence. On one of the tables in the newspapers room, is a pen on a stand. Click on it to add it to your inventory.

Third Piece
Level: 0
Place: Multimedia room
Click on the computer screen to begin the minigame. Several words appear on the screen, linked to authorized and forbidden behaviors on the multimedia room's computers. Click on the good behaviors to increase the green bar. Clicking on the bad behaviors will increase the red bar. When the red bar is filled, the minigame is lost and you must to do it again. When the green bar is filled, the minigame is completed, and the door to the computer's central unit is unlocked. Click under the screen, to access the computer's central unit, and click on the piece of poem to obtain it.

Fourth Piece
Level: 0
Place: Legacy room
Déplacez-vous au niveau des livres marqués "OF". Those are binded old newspapers. Their respective years are all flushed out. You must put them back in order, from the oldest to the latest. Click on the right year to validate it. Each right year is erased from the remaining ones. The leftest year is 1995. The righest is 2004. When the years are in order, the piece appears. Click on it to obtain it.

Levels access
Level: 0
Place: Reception
The door to upper levels is sealed by spectral chains. To make them disappear, you must match the clock in the reception to the opening hours of the medialibrary. Those hours are shown on the door to upper levels. Click on the clock in the reception to begin the minigame. Click on each number to set them accordingly to the current day.

Fifth Piece
Level: 1
Place: Preteen floor
Four books are misplaced amongst the shelves. Find the blueish documents, and replace them in the right shelf. Tom Sawyer goes to romans. Asterix must be placed near by, in the "Bande Dessinée" shelf. Racine's Esther goes to theater, just before the event room. Finally, the encyclopedia must be placed back in the study room.

Sixth Piece
Level: 1
Place: Preteen floor - Toddler space
Click on the boxes to begin the minigame. Baby books are falling from above, piling themselves on the floor instead of being placed in the correct box. Use Drag-and-drop to put them back in their correct box, faster than they are falling down. The piece of poem will be accessible. Click on it to obtain it.

Seventh Piece
Level: 1
Place: Preteen floor - Events room
Pictures from a kamishibai are floating around the screen, without any order. Retell the story by clicking accordingly to the logical sequence of pictures. In order: Man from front, Man who's writing, Man and woman looking at a book, Man and woman with children, Man get spoiled of its success, Tombstones with one half-destroyed.

Eighth Piece
Level: 2
Place: Adult floor - Desk
An exhibition of rare documents must be prepared on the welcome desk. For this, you must collect five documents among the shelves.
Search into Romans, Fond Vendeen, Sports, Histoire and Workroom's entry shelves, and find the respective book. Go back to the welcome desk, to see the piece of poem, and click on it.

Ninth Piece
Level: 3
Place: Phonotheque - Listening point
The minigame is on the listening point, in the middle of the screen of the very first room. You must link some musics from Andre Popp, a fontenaisian composer, to their corresponding albums. For this, you must first find those five CDs in the phonotheque.
They are hidden in the presentation table, in the lower part of the bookshelf, inside the audio CD player, then in the Jazz and Children shelves. Get back to the listening point and click on it. Click on the track number to play the music, and click on the cover to browse the albums. When the right album selected, after a two seconds delay, it is withdraw from the list.
If you cannot match the music style with the titles, procede by elimination. The five musics identified, the piece of poem appears inside the listening point. Click on it to obtain it.

Tenth Piece
Level: 3
Place: Documents repair room - worktable
A book is waiting to be repaired on the table. Use the tools scattered around to do so. Split the book in pieces with the cutter, clicking on it two times. Use the glue then the cardboard sheets. Use the glue again, and click on the pages to put them back in. Click on the book to close it back. Use the red band to strengthen the folds. Click on the barcode, then on the plastic film. Finally, click on the book to move it away. The piece of poem is available. Click on it to obtain it.

Underground Access
Level: 0
Place: Door to underground floor
With the ten pieces of the poem in your hand, you can finally open the door to the underground storage. Click on the door after the upper levels access near the begining. The poem is re-assembled, and ten letters light up. Click on them in the right order to form a first name, "florestine". The door unlocks itself, and the last trial lies before you.

The Last Trial
Level: Underground
Place: Shelves on the right
Be certain to possess the pen from the newspapers section, before going further. A womanly ghost is lamenting about her name finally written in the city historical chronicles. Go on the right, and click on the red book in the back. Click on "unknown" to erase it, then a little under to write the first name you have guessed with the poem. The ghost disappears to the main exit. Go back to it to complete the game.

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